Exhibitors' Statements

Guanghui Sun, CEO of Ningbo HGM Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
As a well known event in the craft beer industry, the exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors, the number of visitors and the quality of the conference of CBCE 2019 has been greatly improved. With these years’ development, CBCE has proved to be a successful event. For CBCE 2020, we would like to participate in the exhibition and conference again, to provide better products and services for China and the world.

Yuening Huang, General Manager of Ningbo Lehui International
At the platform of CBCE, we displayed Lehui International’s craft beer projects from China and abroad to the customers, especially the solutions of whole intelligent craft beer plant, which were well received by the customers. Many customers determined the cooperation intentions during the exhibition already. Our technicians participated in the conference and some lectures at CBCE, and benefited a lot. I hope CBCE will constantly innovate and introduce the world's craft beer culture.

Max Ma ,TalosMarketing&Sales Director of Greater China
As an important exhibition in the craft beer industry, CBCE has been an important place for Talos to showcase the latest keg beer dispensing equipment solutions since its inception. In recent years, CBCE has become more and more influential in the craft beer circle to manufacturers and end customers in the traditional beer sector. In the past 2019 exhibition, we showed a household-grade beer cooler for use with three or five-liter Talos Keg and a manual portable beer cooler that can be used with any type of beer keg, breaking the limit that keg beer can not be used at home. At the show, the customers who asked about these two types of household equipment included large beer groups, small craft breweries, beer distributors and end users. Thanks to CBCE for providing such a platform for us to contact with users, next year we will continue to showcase the latest development of dispensing solution on this platform, so that more customers can understand the beauty of the keg beer.

Ryan Wu   Deputy GM of BU ANGEL YEAST CO., LTD.
As an authoritative international event in the craft beer industry, CBCE is a good platform for beer brewing of raw materials, beer equipment and market communication. As an important raw material supplier for craft beer, Angel has been attended the exhibition for three consecutive years, and has established good relationship with many customers. With the theme of “The Aroma of this beer comes from yeast” during the exhibition, Angel team showed the latest R&D and product application solutions on craft beer. It is introduced on new yeast, Saison Yeast S129, jointly developed by Angel and strategic partner Renaissance Company with strong effect in craft beer circle. We will continue to strengthen product innovation and assist the prosperity of China's craft beer industry.

Yiyao Wu, General Manager of Barth Haas (Beijing) trading co., LTD 
This is a wonderful gathering at CBCE, Barth Haas (Beijing) trading co., LTD s here again. Thanks to CBCE for setting up such a good platform! This time the CBCE has been extended in depth and breadth. It is a grand gathering of raw materials, craft beer, industrial beer and equipment, providing a rare opportunity for us to fully integrate into the beer world! I believe the supporting facilities of CBCE will be more perfect in the future, and the industry information will be more comprehensive and the exchanges will be more in-depth. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Dongliang Lu, Vice General Manager of Hangzhou Cheerday Brewery Co., Ltd.
Numerous exhibitors and audiences were attracted to CBCE 2019, a wonderful party in the craft beer industry. At the same time, a high-quality forum was held where participants could exchange ideas and experience the craft beer culture. Nowadays, the domestic craft beer is developing rapidly and I believe the scale and quality of the exhibition will be further increased.At the CBCE, we received many friends who like craft beer, and our products were widely praised. Cheerday brewery will not forget the original idea of "To be an intelligent manufacturer of characteristic craft beer in the world", and brew better and better craft beer to contribute to the prosperity of domestic craft beer market.

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