Visitors' Statements

David Liu, Leffe Brand Manager, AB InBev
As one of the few unbiased and equitable information exchange platform, CBCE has undoubtedly become the most influential and forward-looking expo with incredible execution. Now, in addition to highlighting cutting-edge technologies developed locally and internationally, CBCE has evolved from mainly showcasing international brands to eaturing a 50/50 mix of local and international craft beer breweries and rising stars in China including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It’s a veritable witness to the growth of the craft beer industry in China. To me, CBCE means passion, confidence, modesty, cheerfulness and inclusiveness. It promotes the craft beer culture among those with little knowledge about it. It encourages fair play in the craft beer industry, and introduces and publicizes distinguished craft beer professionals. I look forward to see CBCE bring the Chinese craft beer industry to the next level. Come on, CBCE! Come on, the Chinese craft beer industry!

Gao Zaifu, Senior Quality Manager of Carlsberg Brewery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
CBCE 2019 showcased a rich variety of high-quality raw materials and equipment, and featured insightful seminars, beer tasting events, awards, new book releases, and influential speakers. The annual event has become a must-visit gala for the craft beer industry in China, driving the advancement of the latter. It creates a high-end platform for communications and interactions among craft beer professionals, and is leading the development of the craft beer culture. I wish greater successes for CBCE!